Things You Should Know Regarding Storage with a Moving Company

Any plans to move to a new house soon? Do you require storage facilities for certain items? Storing your belongings with a recognized moving company is safe, hassle-free as well as cost-effective, so it’s indeed a great idea to approach your mover for storage houston movers. Read on to know about some essential things concerning moving company storage.

Items can be stored for any period of time
Do you need to store your goods for some months while your new house is being built, or for a few weeks as you organize your move, or for some days while you set up the rooms? Whatever the case may be, reputed Houston movers are ready to provide you storage for any period of time. A number of companies have safe and convenient storage facilities and usually charge per week basis, so you will get extremely flexible prices.

Your items must be secure and safe
It is obvious that an established moving company offering additional storage facilities should take care of the safety of the goods. However, it would be good for you to carry out your own research in this matter, particularly if you are keen on hiring Houston movers providing appropriate storage facilities. Check out the reviews and the insurance offered to cover the risk of loss.

You can store more than just the house contents
In certain cases, you might require to store something more than simply the household items. For instance, during the move or even after that, you may need to store your car or motorbike, or high value items such as paintings or antiques. Many companies also provide seasonal storage facilities for storage of garden items in the winter season, stuff for Christmas decoration, and so on.


Goods can be accessed as and when required
At some point of time, if you need to take back some items while continuing to keep the rest in the storage facility, Houston movers offer provision to do the same. Simply get in touch with the company and become well-versed with their procedure for access to goods and subsequent extractions.
In case the goods are kept in a container, you can take what is required from the container, which will then be again sealed and put back in the storage area. If you need help from the mover for access or extractions, there may be a small fee for the same, so enquire about the same.

It is good to ask the movers for goods collection
This is one of the major benefits of hiring a moving company rather than a self storage company. The movers will have the capability and infrastructure to move your goods and take them to the storage place, and back again to your new house when required.
You will also be able to get the assistance of a skilled removals crew who can efficiently load the container, utilizing the available space to the maximum extent. They will also take optimum care to see that everything is protected and the risk of damage is reduced.

A Smart Guide to Healthy Eating While you are Moving

Moving a house is hectic enough to make you feel exhausted. Hiring professional Houston movers is one of the best things you can do to reduce your stress. Also, if you concentrate on healthy eating during the move, you can enhance your energy level and also ensure that you are not putting on extra weight, just because you are moving. Here is a brief guide to healthy eating to be kept in mind.
bPrior to the move
Any move can be successful, if good preparation goes behind it. When the move is around two weeks down the line, devise a menu comprising what you will be eating each day till the actual move. Pastas, stews, soups and the like are some of the healthy meals to prepare during this period. These dishes can be made in bulk for two or three days together.
Once the meal plan is ready, separate the utensils that you would need for these days. Although it is a lucrative idea to eat outside every night during the move, you can reduce your expenses by storing food in the freezer or refrigerator and eating the same.
During packing
Although you have hired Houston movers to help you out in the move, food is something that you have to take care of yourself. After a long and stressful day of packing, grabbing a pizza or some other fast food is one of the easiest things to do. But a home cooked meal will keep you healthier.
To cook a healthy meal you may seek assistance from friends or family. There will always be some person or the other who will be very happy to help you out.
During the travel
If you are driving on your own, it will definitely make you feel tired, irrespective of the distance you are covering. Refrain from stuff like fries or burgers when you are tired because you will feel all the more tired if you have processed heavy fast food.
Get some meals prepared the night before the actual move. They will remain fresh if you use a cooler to store them. Great foods to carry during the travel include fruits like grapes, oranges, or apples, hard boiled eggs, pre-cooked meats, vegetables such as celery, carrots or bell peppers, green salads and pre-made sandwiches.
In case you are planning to eat out, restrict it to just once or twice, and choose a restaurant that serves healthy meals. While driving, munch on some sweet or salty snacks to keep yourself from falling asleep.
After the move
If you have hired Houston movers to do the unpacking for you, it’s well and good. Even if you are doing it yourself, make sure to unpack the kitchen utensils and any food you are carrying as soon as possible, after you reach your new home.
Making dinner is one of the best options, but if you are too tired on the day you move, some tinned food will come to your aid, as it is a much healthier option compared to burger or pizza.
Do not let moving affect your physical health. So eat healthy and enjoy the move!

Great Packing Tips for a Winter Essentials Box

Irrespective of the weather and the place you are going to, your move will certainly be incomplete if you forget or ignore packing an essentials box with you. Although you have hired Houston movers to do all the packing for you, this box is something which you need to pack yourself as per your requirements. Are you unsure about what to include in an essentials box for the winter season? Here are some great tips which will definitely help you out.
cBefore discussing what to include, let us see what an essential box means. It is that luggage which is meant for making the day of moving to the new place more convenient. In the box, you may incorporate things like snacks, kettles, toys for children, and such other things, which will come of ready use.
In case you are planning to move during the winter season, some of the main items to be included in the essentials box are as follows:
Not only winter, a kettle is in fact essential for a move in any season. Once you reach your new home and plug in the kettle, it will make you feel comfortable and at ease, especially when the temperature is cold outside. In case the journey to your new destination is long and there won’t be any halts in between, consider carrying soup, tea or coffee in flasks.
In the winter season, the weather is obviously less favorable. You may face snow, ice, sleet or torrential rain on the day of moving, hence packing some fresh clothes in the essentials box is always a great option. Ensure that all the members who are moving have their hats, scarves and gloves with them. If it is extremely cold, take care to pack a hot water bottle and some extra blankets. Do not pack these things with the Houston movers but carry them yourself.
Tinned Food
Some handy tins of food are definitely great to have. Although cooking is perhaps the last thing you would like to do the day you reach your new house, the cold outside along with the energy burnt is sure to make you feel hungry. Tins of beans or soup that can be quickly heated up for an easy meal would be good enough.
Toiletries and towels
When it’s the winter season, a hot bath or shower after a hectic day of moving will definitely make you feel amazing. So, some basic toiletries and towels should be kept handy in the winter essentials box, so that there is no need to hunt for those things.
Snow shovel
Some people pack this item in the moving truck to be carried by Houston movers, but if it is the winter season, it is better to include the snow shovel in the essential box. Well, it might not exactly fit into the box, but anyways make sure to carry this stuff with you, more so if there is forecasting of heavy ice or snow over the week you would be moving.