Things You Need to Do Before the Arrival of the Moving Company

You can make your move easy and hassle-free by contacting one of the best Houston movers. As per the services you need, the moving company will help you in everything from packing and loading to unloading and unpacking. However, as per the services you ask for and your preferred moving solutions, you might need to complete certain tasks before the crew arrives. Check out this list.

qDismantling of furniture
If any furniture requires dismantling, you would have to do it before the move. Please inform the movers you hire from beforehand if you want them to dismantle the furniture, and the quotation will be provided accordingly. Always see that the instruction manual is readily available so that there is no problem in dismantling and setting up again. You also need to store the fittings, bolts or screws in a bag and carefully label the same, so that all these are easy to locate.
Taking care of washing machines, cookers and fridges
A lot of time is required to defrost freezers and fridges so that they are completely dried before your move. You must also remember to drain washing machines and disconnect cookers.
Maintaining fittings, fixtures, blinds or curtains
Take down the fittings so that once the Houston movers arrive, they can readily pack the fittings and move them. In case you want the assistance of a handyman, convey the same to your moving company, and you would be duly assisted.

Cleaning of sheds and garages
Flammable substances such as gas bottles, tins of paint, and others cannot be transported by removal companies, so make sure that these items are sorted and properly eliminated with rubbish. If you want to carry them, pack them with you personally.

Taking care of items in lofts and attics
The Houston movers will not be able to enter a loft or attic that is not lit or boarded or has no proper access. So ensure that these places are accessible for the crew. Alternatively, you can gather the items in another room for ready moving.

eMaking arrangements for parking or access
This is a very important thing to do when you are planning a move. Before the moving company arrives with the transport facility, it would be good to inform the neighbors at both the starting place and the destination regarding the date of moving, so that they get prepared for any kind of inconvenience that the movers’ vehicles might cause. It would be good if you make necessary arrangements for the parking in advance.
If you have chosen to avail complete packing service from the movers, rest assured that the moving team will work as per the requirements. However, in case you want to do the packing on your own, it would be great if the packing is complete before the moving crew arrives. Even if you have asked for packing service, from the mover’s end, you need to pack some essential bags on your own before the move. Make sure that you pack the items in suitable containers or boxes.

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